A home water filtration system will give you peace of mind. Universal Water provides convenient online ordering for all of our filtered water solutions. Choose from whole house water filtration systems or under counter water filters. You've found the right place if you need a counter top water filter, refrigerator filter, shower filter or camping water filter.


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Faucet Conversion Kit

Product Features

FK-PS - Faucet Conversion Kit. Converts your countertop water filter to fit out of the way, under the counter. Includes faucet, cold water connector, high-pressure tubing and high-pressure quick-connect fittings.

Connect to the cold water line with the "EZ faucet connector" (not a leak-prone saddle valve like many competitors) and dispense water through an attractive long reach LEAD-FREE* solid brass premium faucet (not a cheap plastic flip-lever like most of our competitors). Quick-connect fittings make for fast, easy installation. A 1/2" hole is all that is needed for the faucet stud (all series), but a cover plate is included to accommodate larger pre-drilled holes (such as a vegetable sprayer hole).

This elegant lead-free* solid brass faucet features a smooth quarter turn handle with a ceramic seat for a lifetime of service - no flimsy plastic flip-handle like most other brands! There is no spring, so the handle stays in the position you place it, like a regular faucet. In addition to the ALL CHROME color scheme (pictured at left), it comes in CHROME WITH BRASS ACCENTS, BRUSHED NICKEL (stainless steel look), WHITE, ALMOND/BISQUE, BLACK, RED and POLISHED BRASS. Click HERE for picture. It is recommended that you choose the faucet to match the color scheme of your main faucet. Select color choice on order screen. It is 8.75" tall and has a swivel spout with a reach of 5.5".

* - Complies with NSF-61 and California Prop. 65 standards


Click here for information on our 2 gallon refrigerator bottle. High sediment level in your water? Click Here




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