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KDF/GAC/Carbon Block/Ster-O-Tap Water Purifier

Product Features

This three stage purifier provides an unparalleled level of protection against contaminants, as well as bacteria and cysts. The first stage is the KDF/GAC cartridge for removal of chlorine, heavy metals, chemicals, tastes and odors. It is replaced about every three years. The second stage is the multimedia carbon block for additional protection against VOCs and MTBE, as well as filtration down to 0.5 microns. The third stage is the Ster-O-Tap Low Pressure Membrane insert (resides inside carbon block) for removal of bacteria and cysts. It strains down to an absolute 0.15 microns - the smallest known bacteria is 0.3 microns. It does this without the flow restriction of ceramic filters, and without constant cleaning! It is replaced about every two years ($89.00). 1 year warranty on carbon block/Ster-O-Tap cartridge, 3 year prorated warranty on KDF/GAC cartridge, 5 year on components. 12" tall, 10" wide, 5" deep.

Installation Manual

The UCD-ST-PS Triple Stage Purifier includes the Upscale Designer Faucet at no extra charge (choose faucet color below):
$269.99 with FREE shipping in the contiguous U.S.!
Upgrade faucet to Euro Series:
Only $49.00
Upgrade faucet to Tomlinson Designer Series:
Only $119.00

Click here for information on our 2 gallon refrigerator bottle.



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