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Bottled Water or Filtered – Which is Better?

In 2008, the Environmental Working Group (EWG), an independent scientific testing organization, performed elaborate analyses on various brands of bottled water and a number of municipal water supplies. Of all the brands tested, ten were found to contain thirty-eight different chemical concentrations in excess of the water industry’s voluntary standards, the average being eight. Among other things, the results found that two major brands (Sam’s Choice and Acadia) both exceeded the maximum legal amount of carcinogenic compounds, under California law. Several were identified to be no more than bottled tap water from the locale in which they were bottled. Since test results and sources are not required to be reported for bottled water, it would seem that it’s not a good idea for consumers to assume that they’re receiving a safe product.
On the other side of the issue, bottled water can cost up to 1900 times as much as tap water, as well as sometimes being considerably less healthy to drink. A point-of-use filter will generally have a cost per gallon of around $0.09 to $0.25. Try buying bottled water for that!

A 1992 study determined that there were 700 different bottled water brands in the US, produced by about 430 US bottling plants, numbers that have surely risen since then. Given that there were already four billion dollars in sales in 1997, one shudders to think what that figure might be, after thirteen additional years (consumption nearly tripled in the eleven years prior to that study). Strangely, such a burgeoning industry seems to based upon only a single advantage… convenience.
The thousands of tons of plastic bottles that find their way into our landfills, roadsides and oceans, and the myriad poisons and carcinogens we introduce into our bodies (as well as our children’s bodies!) don’t seem to deter Americans from buying an average of 12.7 gallons (another 1997 number) PER PERSON, per year! 60,000,000 plastic bottles are produced, filled, transported and disposed of every day in America. We drink it at the park, in our car, at the gym… sometimes even at home! We even mix our babies’ formula with it. And the fact that we’re paying hundreds of times the cost of equivalent, or better, water from our tap, doesn’t slow us down in our consumption.
Wouldn’t a home filtration system be smarter? Eliminate the vast majority of the cost, eliminate all those plastic bottles, save the energy used to make those bottles, and stop poisoning ourselves and our children, with contaminated water… seems like a simple decision, doesn’t it?

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