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Safe Water Anywhere, Anytime

If you enjoy camping and hiking, odds are that at least once you’ve found yourself either short of water, or just tempted to take a refreshing drink from a stream or river, without risking severe illness. As sad as it is to have to be concerned about pollution and microbes when you’re enjoying the great outdoors, it’s an unfortunate reality.

And of course, nobody enjoys packing along the three liters of water needed as minimum daily intake. That’s 3 kg (6.6 lbs) for every day, without taking into consideration, cooking or washing needs. An experienced camper will usually take a minimum of two gallons per day. If it’s extremely warm weather, or the going is strenuous, you’d better double that amount. That means carrying at least an extra 17 to 33 pounds for a three day trip. Having fun yet?

Wouldn’t it be convenient to have as much safe, clean drinking water as you need, every time you find a stream or brook? To be able to refill your canteen from any water source, without any concern of cryptosporidium, giardia, amebiasis, salmonella or a host of other impurities and organisms that are commonly found in water?

Indeed, a number of lives would undoubtedly have been saved, had all campers and hikers had access to such a capability. Think of how many might have avoided severe cramps and stomach ailments, parasitic infections, or violent nausea, if they’d had such a means of ensuring safe, clean water.

Well, now, such a capability exists, in camping water filter systems, some weighing as little as 8 ounces! There’s no longer any reason to:

  • Risk your health, or in extreme cases, your life, being forced to drink whatever water you can find.

  • Break your back hauling gallons of water in your backpack.

  • Boil water before use.

  • Endure the taste of water “purification” tablets.

  • Cut your trip short because of dwindling water supply.

  • Spend days (or much longer) being treated for illnesses or parasites acquired from tainted water.

Remember, just because water looks, smells and even tastes clean, doesn’t mean it is! Bacteria and protozoa are microscopic and usually undetectable by all such means. Many other impurities can also escape notice, and can be extremely hazardous to your health. Safe, clean water for drinking and cooking is essential when camping or hiking, just as it is at home. Don’t let the beauty of such a trip be ruined by a moment of indiscretion.

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