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Is Tainted Baby Formula Putting Your Child at Risk?

The idea of providing tainted baby formula to a baby would be a horrifying thought to anybody, but it’s possible that many mothers are doing just that, without knowing it. As adults, most of us have a certain amount of resistance to low-level bacteria or protozoa content in our water. Infants and young children, however, are often much more susceptible to such impurities, even including those which are introduced into our water supply deliberately. It isn’t realistic to expect their young, still-developing bodies to be able to handle the same levels of impurities as an adult, without suffering some consequences.

One such intentional (and otherwise, beneficial) compound in your tap water may be fluoride. Fluoride has been proven to prevent and control tooth decay in mature teeth. However, when “baby teeth” are still under the gums, they are susceptible to enamel fluorosis. This is an issue that the Communicable Disease Center of the federal Department of Health and Human Services has investigated in some depth. Any mother feeding formula, mixed with water, should read what the CDC has to say on the issue.

Many other hazards can exist for newborns and young children, in the form of bacteria, protozoa, lead, arsenic, cryptosporidium, giardia, pesticides, chlorine… the list goes on. The levels of these may even be within acceptable legal limits, but youngsters, particularly infants that aren’t receiving the natural immunities imparted via breastfeeding, can be made very ill when exposed to them. An appropriate filtration system is advisable, to avoid hazards for the baby. Alternatively, you can buy bottled water, although, in the long run, that is considerably more costly than a home filtration system.

Any mother feeding formula should be aware of the risks of mixing the formula with ordinary tap water, and subsequently giving their child a bottle of formula that has been tainted. Baby formula is closely regulated, but contaminated water added to the bottle can undo that.

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